Do you want to avoid the “end of your burnout”?

Do you want staff who are constructively working in the lead up to Christmas rather than limping to the finish line in “wind down” mode?

Is keeping your best staff over the break and beyond important to you?

Or perhaps you’re dreaming of a fresh new year with highly motivated staff from day dot, ready to kick goals and full of positive intent?

The Rejoice, Review, Renew workshop is designed to fire up your team at a time of year when most are “checking out”.

The end of year doesn’t have to feel like a limp to the finish line.

The intent of the workshop is to take your team from feeling sluggish and flat to having a sense of accomplishment for the year gone, motivated in the now,  and looking forward to a bright shiny new year in the future.

The end of the year is a natural time of completion, it does have a rhythm all of its own. It is an ideal time to nurture your teams well-being and set the scene and intentions for the New Year.

The year in review Rejoice, Review, Renew Workshop is ideal for you and your team if you are a leader, manager or business owner who:

  • knows that people are your most valuable asset
  • knows that customer satisfaction and the customer experience is linked to employee engagement and motivation
  • embraces a culture of development, improvement and expansion
  • wants to kick start the new year with a high vibe, highly motivated team
  • want your staff to take hard earned leave, and come back to work for YOU

The workshop will suit a range of teams, including:

  • SME teams
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Teams
  • Boards
  • Committees
  • Office teams
  • Allied Health Professional Practise Teams

It is common to find dynamic teams experiencing a level of burnout, fatigue and lack of energy as the end of the year and “silly season” approaches.  This workshop will:

  • make sure your team feels appreciated and valued for their work over the year
  • Motivate the team to finish the year with maximum effort, outcome, results and customer satisfaction
  • Recognise individual and team achievements
  • Clarify areas of growth and expansion through improvements and challenges overcome
  • Set a clear focus on the new year that ignites individual enthusiasm and positive intention setting

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In case you don’t know me, I’m Katrina Johnson, Managing Director and the face behind NewSky Consulting.

Here is a little bit more about me…..

“Katrina Johnson is a management and leadership mentor and coach. She has over 20 years of experience working in leadership, managing the growth and operations of her beloved charity, and as Director of her consultancy NewSky Consulting.

Her ability to develop organisational and leadership solutions that are process-focussed, outcomes driven and aligned with values helps managers and up and coming leaders to feel, become and stay solution-focussed, positive, congruent, calm, soulful and purposeful in their roles.

Her aim in life is to develop managers and leaders who are confident, soulful and aligned with their purpose and values – who make real and lasting differences on the lives of their clients, organisations and their communities.

Katrina combines her formal training and grounded years of experience in helping  managers move from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and as though their soul has been lost to being able to deliver calm, confident, soulful solutions that align values and practise, bringing them back on purpose and rediscovering their “why”.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree, is a qualified QMS Lead Auditor and Workplace Trainer and Assessor. Katrina has served on a range of community and disability organisation Boards of Management and been successful in a range of business based awards; including a finalist in the Telstra Young Business Woman’s Award; Runner up in the Ipswich Professional Women’s Association Young Business Woman of the Year; and winner of the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award (Community Involvement Category).

As a busy Mum of three on-the-go school aged children, Katrina understands the demands and juggle of leading your organisation with passion, commitment and your whole heart, with making sure that at the end of the day your heart tank remains full for the people you love most.

As a  manager and leader, knowing why you do the work you do is at the core of who you are and how you lead your organisation.”

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